A bit about myself

Education : B.Sc. Bangalore University, M.Sc. Pune University
>>>> I do not have PhD degree and therefore I am not to be address as Dr Arvind Paranjpye
          I am making this specific mention because often people put me in an awkward position
          by addressing me 'doctor'.

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Email me at >> paranjpye.arvind@gmail.com

Presently I am the Director of  Nehru Planetarium of Nehru Centre, Mumbai,
I joined Nehru Centre on 22nd Dec 2011
My address
Nehru Planetarium,
Nehru Centre,
Dr Annie Besant Road,
Worli, Mumbai 400018

Experience and interest:
For most of my life I have been interested in Astronomy, which accounts for my hobby/passion as well as career. I have been interested various hobbies from stamp-collecting, ship and boat modeling, photography etc. 

I had been an amateur astronomer since my college days.

My professional career started with as an assistant in the photographic laboratory of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India in December 1981.   Working in the lab, mostly alone on my own, I mastered various laboratory photography techniques.  The conventional photography has now been replaced by digital imagery.
I spent two year in extremely arid Himalayan region (Sep'84 to Aug. '86).  During this period I took site survey observations for a high altitude infra-red observatory.

Upon return from Leh I was involved in the search for them minor bodies in the solar system. In 1988 our team became the first Indians to discover a new asteroid that was named  4130 Ramanujan. We were awarded Astronomical Society of India Medal for discovery of an asteroid.

Asteroid 17446 Mopaku was named after three members of the team Venkatachala Moorthy, Arvind Paranjpye, and Kamatchiappan Kuppuswamy. The  asteroid was discovered on January 23, 1990. 

For a short period of time I also took some spectroscopic observations using 1 and 2.3 meter telescopes at Kavalur.
I joined Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and astrophysics in April '91.  Initially I worked on development of low cost instrument for astronomical observations.  And carried out site survey observations.

I had been involved in the science popularization activity of IUCAA since the day it started.
As an amateur astronomer I have observed and photographs four total solar eclipses - 1980 (India),  1995 (India), 1999 (Iran) and 2001 (Zambia). In July 2009 I had been to China to watch the longest eclipse but we were clouded out.  I observed the transit of Venus from Tehran on June on 8, 2004.

I have Observed asteroid occultations to get estimates on their sizes.

I wrote weekly, monthly columns on sky watching and astronomy Q&A for  various newspapers, such as Indian Express, the Times of India, Tarun Bharat.

From time to time I been on radio and television. I was the expert in a science quiz show called Chamatkar on Doordarshan and since 1998-99. I have been hosting live sky show on All India Radio, Pune and Mumbai.

As for publications in academic journals there is not much to say except that I have about 10 papers on site survey, spectroscopy, occultations and search for minor bodies in the solar system.

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