A Glossary of Nautical Terms

The two most commonly used in boating are "PORT"and ''STARBOARD"

PORT: Facing the bow, 'Port' is on your left. It is easy to remember. 'Port' has 'four' letters,    and 'Left' has 'four' letters. So port is left.

STARBOARD: Since there are only two sides on a boat, and Port is one of them, it is obviously clear the other one is left, "Starboard" is left.

Other necessary Nautical Terms

AHEAD:  The nautical term of 'ajohn'.

ASTERN: Without humour i.e. "The Captain told no jokes.  He was astern Captain".

AMIDSHIPS: This condition exists when you are completely surrounded by boats.

ANCHOR: What you display when you are completely surrounded by boats.

BERTH: The day on which you were born.

BUNK: Phoney sea story.

BUOY:A buoy is the floating device you always smash into when trying to avoid the submerged obstacle the buoy is there to warn you about.

CHANNEL MARKER: Tells you the station you're tuned into on your TV set.

DINGY: The sound of a ship's bell, i.e. Dinghy-Dinghy -- Dinghy-Dinghy.

DISPLACEMENT: Accidental loss, i.e. when you dock your boat and later you can't find it again, you've displaced it.

DOCK: Nickname for a medical man.

EDDY: Nelson's last name.

HEAVE-HO: What you do when you get seasick,  and you've eaten too much of ho.

HITCH: The thing to look for when a millionaire invites you on this boat, ... especially if you're a female!

KEEL: What your wife does to you when she finds you've bought a boat!

LAUNCH: The meal eaten abroad a boat at about noon time.

MOOR: Amount of people needed for a boat-party, like 'The moor, the merrier!'

OAR: When you have a choice, like "This .... oar that!"

PORTHOLE: A hole in the left side of a boat - or is it a right side?

QUARTER-DECK: The floor on a cheap boat, which cost about 25c to install.

SHOAL: Worn by female sailors on chilly nights.

TIDE: A commercial detergent.

SUPERSTRUCTURE: A structure that's a lot better than one on your boat.

WAKE: What friends attend when you've been careless with your boat.

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