Quots, notes and the rest

If you want any advice, ask a woman, whatever she says do very reverse of that
You sure will succeed
There is only one way to achieve happiness on this terrestrial ball,
And that is to have either clear conscience, or none at all

Time erodes gratitude more quickly than it does beauty

The cynic is one who knows the price of every thing and the value of nothing

Forty percent of American families own dogs, and vice versa

Small town
A small town is where you squeeze a girl and everybody sequels

Where two's company and three's a demonstration

Defend me from my friends; I can defend myself my enemies

as sweet as

as hard as

as worm as

as clear as

as matured as

as refreshing as

u r a bar of

A good friend is nothing but one's own reflection with just a little improvement  here and there.

Home is the place where, when you have to go there
They have to take you in.

Forty is the old age of youth, fifty is the youth of old age

If God answers your prayers he is increasing your faith.  If he delays he is increasing your patience, and he doesn't answers he knows you can handle the situation perfectly.

There cannot be innocence in this world, not with Man in it.

That's life - Always some bugger telling you what to do

There are things that have to be done and you do them and you never talk about them. You don't try to justify them. They can be justified. You just do them, then you forget it.
.... Godfather

Keeping cool
If you can keep your head when all about you are loosing theirs,
It's just possible
                        you haven't grasped the situation

Fool people
You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time: but you can't fool all the people all the time

Punctuality is the politeness of princes
Jaffrey Archer in 'Not a penny more not a penny less'

Santa Banta
Santa n Banta were feeling Happy
Happy got embarrassed and left

There is a mink, from rat on a cat

You may call a woman a kitten, but you must not call her a cat
You may call her  a mouse, but you must not call her a rat
You may call her a chicken, but you must call her a hen
You may call her a duck, but you must not call her a goose
You may call her a vision, but you must not call her a sight.

Take a wife
"Come, come," said Tom's father, "at your time of life, there is no longer
excuse for thus playing the rake -
It is time you should think, boy, of taking a wife."
"Why, so it is father - whose wife shall I take?"

Everybody's business
That which is everybody's business is nobody's business
 ... Zaak Walton

This is a story about four people!

EVERYBODY was asked to do an important job;
EVERYBODY thought that SOMEBODY would do it,
but NOBODY did it. SOMEBODY got angry about that,
because it was EVERYBODY thought ANYBODY could do it,
but NOBODY did it, but NOBODY realized that
EVERYBODY wouldn't do it.

It ended-up that EVERYBODY blamed SOMEBODY
when actually NOBODY asked ANYBODY to do the job!

I sat next to the duchess at tea;
It was just as I feared it would be;
     Her rumblings abdominal
     Were truly phenomenal
And every one thought it was me!

A Wise Old Owl 
     ... Edward Hersey Richards

A wise old owl sat on an oak,
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard;
Why aren't we like that wise old bird?

For the memories of yesterday
For the haplessness of today
For the promise of all our tomorrow

A Famous Toast
Here's to the maiden of bashful fifteen,
Here's to the widow of fifty,
Here's to the flaunting, extravagant queen,
And here's to the house wife that's thrifty
       Let the toast pass
       Drink to the last
I'll warrant she'll prove an excuse for the glass

(From School for Scandal by Richard Brinsley Shridan)

In your life problem may start from
Haywards 2000 or Haywards 5000,  but

u must take it as Royal Challenge, otherwise people will call an
OLD MONK and stick a BLACK LABEL on you.

You must fight like NAPOLEON, live like  BAG PIPER, walk like
JOHNY WALKER, work till 8 PM, think like DIRECTOR'S SPECIAL
and then your life will be IMPERIAL BLUE.  If you do all these things
will be an ARISTOCRAT and there will be value for your SIGNATURE

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