A Lot Did Happen Over Coffee (maker)

It was Wed Oct 12, '11, I had reached the terminal 3 (T3) of the Delhi airport rather too early to catch flight to Pune. After the check-in and security-check I had good enough time to have a cup of coffee and a sandwich.   

And soon I found myself at the CCD Square (Travel Food Services Delhi T3 Pvt Ltd ) Now a friend of mine who visited us from Bangalore a few days ago had gifted us a bag of fine coffee.  This in mind I decided to buy Espresso Maker, displayed on the counter.  The sales persons (a boy and a girl) were very helpful. Between three of us we selected one for me to buy.

Upon reaching home at about 7 p.m. first thing that I did was to brew a fresh coffee.  Alas the bottom chamber had a hole in it and there was no immediate plan to pass through T3.  I checked the web-site of CCD got phone numbers of CCD outlets in Pune.  I called the nearest one, at Aundh. The person who picked up the phone had no clue as what to do.  But said he will get back to me.  In the meantime I also placed a complained via their web-link.  The Pune guy called to say that he has not authority but if he gets an instruction from the higher-authorities he would be happy to replace it.

Well then I got busy with my work.  I had two options. One to show the Espresso Maker the dustbin or two repair it myself, I could have actually plugged the hole which was less than half a millimetre.  Anyway, since I was short of time to work in the workshop I decided to send an email to the CCD office.

Next day on Friday, Oct 14, ’11, Devahuti Gangwani repled to my mail. The mail was copied to Kashi Rajan and Anil. It was a very cordial mail asking for the details of purchase etc. and if I can be called over phone etc.  After one or two more email exchanges it was promised that the coffee maker would be replaced in the following week.  But I was going to travel again from 16th.  I offered to exchange the coffee maker myself from CCD outlet.  But NO, I should not take that trouble a good one will be delivered at home, I was told.
Then on Monday 17th Oct,  Puneet from Pune (I was in Jalna then) called on my cell, asked for suitable time for the exchange, took the direction to my home.

When I returned home, a brand new Stove Top Coffee Maker, beautifully packed was waiting for me.
Soon I made some coffee for myself and since then twice a day I am enjoying my Coffee. Indeed a lot had happened over coffee.

Thank you Devahuti Gangwani, Kashi Rajan, Anil and Puneet for taking all the trouble you did. Every time I have my coffee I remember you.

And a BIG thank you CCD for having such nice staff who takes care of their customers.

A suggestion to CCD -
It would help to have link on the web pages like this one. 

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